Self myofascial release expert in Cheltenham / Gloucester

Self myofascial release expert in Cheltenham


Using a foam roller can provide similar benefits as deep-tissue massage. By increasing flexibility and decreasing muscle tension, it can help prevent injury and improve performance. Make the following foam-roller exercises part of your regular running routine--run, roll, then stretch. Place your body on the roller and slowly roll up and down (for about 10-15 seconds) along the muscle group you are targeting. If you find a particularly tight area, pause on that spot. Putting pressure on a tight area can help release the tissue.

Obviously I love the foam roller. I cannot say it in the same context that I will say I love chocolate, or I love the beach, or even how much I love to watch 24 and the Family Guy...But lets be clear, when it comes to feeling better, and being better, I love the foam roller. So what is the foam roller and what do you do with it. Where do I get one of these? And finally, how can I use it and feel better?

I like to explain to the general public that foam rolling is much like getting a deep tissue massage. Only YOU control the massage and it won't cost you 50 plus £'s each time you use it. But I also like to explain that foam rolling is much more than a massage too.

Most people have major muscle imbalances and this usually causes an entire muscle group to get very tight, or over activated. Also, most people have a laundry list of past and present physical trauma that has caused a body full of knots, scar tissue and sticky adhesions to form all over their muscles and tendons. Rolling can and will help work out those adhesions, scar tissue, knots and also help to restore normal flexibility and range of motion.

Foam rolling, to be technical, is a form of self myofascial release (SMR). SMR allows the muscle to relax and this in turn can help rid the areas of the unwanted scaring, knots, and ugly adhesions. Muscles need to be strong and supple at the same time through an entire range of motion. Foam rolling helps the body achieve this. Just as I believe that stretching is essential for good overall muscle health, foam rolling is in the same category. While stretching elongates the muscle tissue, foam rolling helps to ensure proper muscle quality.


Half Roller £15

Full Roller £25

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'I first made contact with Dan 10 months ago after I had applied for my first London Marathon. I was overweight, unfit and had no idea where to start with any training. Dan encouraged me to believe in myself and was extremely patient during our training sessions, even at times when my body let me down with recurring injuries. I am now 2 stone lighter and successfully completed the Marathon in a time I am very proud of. I can truthfully say Dan has changed my life for the better, his commitment and determination is amazing. I will continue to train with Dan and would highly recommend him to anyone I know.''

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