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The Gym Cheltenham

The Gym Cheltenham

What we offer

Friendly Staff Sweat towels
A big stretch area
Personal Trainers for motivation
Cardio Machines to burn calories
Selection of weights and kettlebells
Rehab and post surgery rehab equipment
Fruit when you leave
No mirrors and no loud music
No long contracts

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'I am now 2 stone lighter, feel great and know that my general fitness has improved loads. I am no longer out of breath when I climb the stairs at work, can get in clothes I haven't worn for years and now have improved blood pressure. I have a London Marathon medal to show everyone and a personal time to beat for the future. I now believe that I can push myself further and that anything is possible if I want it enough. In general my self-esteem is much better than it has been for years.' Caroline

'I am certainly a lot fitter than I was this time last year, thank you for making me fitter and making it fun' Rachel

Email for details
0770 9169 997.

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Client Testimonial

'I first made contact with Dan 10 months ago after I had applied for my first London Marathon. I was overweight, unfit and had no idea where to start with any training. Dan encouraged me to believe in myself and was extremely patient during our training sessions, even at times when my body let me down with recurring injuries. I am now 2 stone lighter and successfully completed the Marathon in a time I am very proud of. I can truthfully say Dan has changed my life for the better, his commitment and determination is amazing. I will continue to train with Dan and would highly recommend him to anyone I know.''

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