Help Osteoporosis, Build Bone Density, Increase Strength,

Help Osteoporosis, Build Bone Density, Increase Strength,

A number of research papers have confirmed that VibroGym achieves the benefits of a complete 90 minute strength workout in only 30-minutes.

In addition to rapid strength gains, studies by numerous independent universities have shown:

Equivalent gains as conventional training in a shorter period of time
Improved body tone, decreased cellulite and increases in fat-free mass
Increased explosive power with less training time
Increased jumping ability
Increase of the maximum isotonic strength
Increases in repair and human growth hormones
Reduction in delayed-onset muscle soreness
Bone density gains in post-menopausal women

Originally released in Europe in 1999, it began a worldwide revolution in the way training and fitness is delivered.
The inspiration for the development of VibroGym WBV originally came from Russian space scientists in the 1960's and 70's who used vibration to maintain the bone density and muscle mass of their cosmonauts. Vibration Training assisted the Russian space programme to set the world record for the longest stay in space at 432 days.

In the late 1990's the VibroGym team took this idea and created a unique device for building fitness and wellness that is safe and easy to use - and at the same time suitable for intense professional training.

VibroGym WBV has been used in Europe since 1999 and it is the world's most popular vibration platform. Many gyms, personal training studios, chiropractors, physiotherapists and beauty therapists are now using Powerplate.

VibroGym WBV works by rapidly vibrating up and down to create extra g-forces on the body. The vibrations also create a reflex contraction of the muscles that produces higher levels of muscle activation than can be achieved in normal exercise.
VibroGym WBV only takes up only a small amount of space yet almost any body part can be targeted on the machine by standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, placing your hands on it, as well as an array of muscle relaxation, massage and circulation building functions.

Research shows that 15-20 minute workouts on the VibroGym WBV deliver equivalent benefits to one-hour of conventional training and can improve body toning, accelerate fat loss, reduce cellulite, flatten the abdominals, create muscle relaxation, improve circulation and improve flexibility.

VibroGym Client Testimonials

'Dan isn't the first personal trainer I have used but he is by far the best! He keeps me motivated throughout my sessions with him and I always feel great afterwards.
Dan has really helped me to work on increasing my general fitness and losing weight, I can't recommend him highly enough.'

'Dan is extremely professional. His knowledge is very impressive relating to all matters of exercise and how they affect your body, he is able to individualize work out procedures to suit each client. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.'

Try a demo session for only £10

Single sessions £20

Block of 5 £100

Block of 10 £175


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Client Testimonial

'I first made contact with Dan 10 months ago after I had applied for my first London Marathon. I was overweight, unfit and had no idea where to start with any training. Dan encouraged me to believe in myself and was extremely patient during our training sessions, even at times when my body let me down with recurring injuries. I am now 2 stone lighter and successfully completed the Marathon in a time I am very proud of. I can truthfully say Dan has changed my life for the better, his commitment and determination is amazing. I will continue to train with Dan and would highly recommend him to anyone I know.''

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